VLI Premium Production Partners (Van Laere International) is today one of the major players in the clothing sector. VLI is a family business that was launched in '76 by Philippe Van Laere, who at the age of 19 decided it was time to seize the opportunity and open his own shop. Philippe began as a retailer in clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags and tents, but soon chose to expand his business even further. In 1987, VLI became the distributor of a number of outdoor brands, and not much later also for a famous T-shirt manufacturer in the US.

Philippe, however, also saw the potential of production, and he translated his knowledge and understanding of the market in 1995 into his own production line in the form of the Parks® brand, a collection which to this day is mainly focused on functional leisure and the outdoors. From that moment on, VLI focussed more on producing and distributing its own clothing ranges and the cooperation with other manufacturers gradually discontinued. Our line expanded so fast that the rapid growth necessitated a new brand which would allow us to develop clothing for other sectors. This led to the registration of our second brand, Free2.be®, with which we approached especially the hobby and professional work-wear market.

Since VLI has had its operating base in Hamme; this central location (right next to the E17) ensures seamless cooperation with our customers and excellent logistical support, two issues that contribute considerably to the delivery of an optimal service and the prevention of administrative problems.

After an extensive market research VLI launched Herock® work-wear in 2009, a third brand that focuses even more on the professional market: the Herock collection is tough and robust and is in the first place designed for professionals who have an eye for aesthetics and style. The Herock line is subdivided into three different ranges with different target groups each. This central idea matches the global VLI philosophy that states that all clothing must be customized, bearing in mind the activity in which it is worn.

The entire line we present is divided into different brands for a specific target group each.

At present VLI is busy expanding its sphere of action. Our foremost objective is to be active in the different EU member states within the foreseeable future, but our ambition goes beyond Europe and we trust that the quality of our products justifies that ambition.