VLI always ensures that each product is strong enough for the activity for which it is designed, while at the same time being lightweight enough to be worn in comfort. Heavy materials hamper your freedom of movement and are a heavier load for the body. VLI always strives for the perfect balance to achieve optimal efficiency, and therefore we design every garment with a view to the wearers and their environment. It is therefore important for us to conduct a needs analysis before a product is manufactured. We make sure that our clients receive exactly what they require!


Whether you are a professional roofer or a sports enthusiast with a passion for hiking, you need an outfit that will never leave you in the lurch. A good outfit can definitely make the difference between a well-finished result and having to start all over again, not to mention physical safety. VLI therefore ensures that all our clothing is made of top quality material and finished off right down to the last detail.

Eco-friendly and ethical production

VLI designs all its collections with the environment at heart. As manufacturer of outdoor clothing we regard it as our duty to make our contribution to the conservation of our nature. The awareness of and consideration for our environment are of close concern to all our employees and clearly discernible by the outside world. That is why we always make sure that all our production processes are as clean and ethical as possible. We do this by making a conscious choice with regard to suppliers, raw materials and the workshops where our clothing is made. VLI commits itself to the delivery of a quality product at a good price without becoming involved in matters such as child labour. All our products are manufactured in accordance with European guidelines.


Outdoor clothing or work-wear does not only have to look good and withstand hard wear; whatever the outfit, comfort is still the most important aspect for the wearer. VLI designs its collections to provide you with unequalled comfort irrespective of your task or the circumstances under which it has to be carried out. VLI's clothing is a guarantee for minimal weight, an ergonomic shape and a stylish look. Thanks to the efforts of our motivated designers and their focus on maximum safety (up to the smallest detail) our clothing also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.


VLI considers quality of paramount importance, and that applies to every item in our extensive lines. Our rationale is defined by the requirements of our most demanding customers and translates into the delivery of an optimal solution for each practical problem and obstacle that may occur, but with a minimum effort for the wearers themselves.