Private label

VLI also manufactures clothing for brands, businesses, government institutions, organizations … that wish to develop their own collections. That enables us to have a garment or a collection customized on the basis of the input provided (textile sample, drawing …). This input is then incorporated into a technical file that is submitted to the customer. After that we choose the most suitable material and once a colour sample of the material has been approved, we can start production. All this is, of course, carefully followed up and supervised by our project managers who ensure that you receive the correct info at the right time. Of course this is subject to a minimum order quantity and a minimum delivery period.

VLI has already supplied complete outfits and collections to among others FedEx, ING, Gulf Oil, Beekse Bergen, Belgian Equestrian Team, BMG, Canal+, Coca Cola, Corona, Ducados, ECI, Eurodisney, Ford, Heineken, L'Homme Moderne, Mobil, Mobistar, PALM, Rally Paris-Dakar, Rallye de Tunisie, Federal Police, Belgian Army, RSC Anderlecht, Schweppes, Six Flags, Studio 100, Volvo, West, Yokohama, Salomon, Faymonville, Rent a car, Bento Kronen, Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen, De Post, Damart, Loctite, Henkel, Frankonia, Civil defence…

On the other hand, clothing from our stock can also be used to highlight the business image with, for example, a logo or a slogan. This personalization can be done by means of silk-screen printing or embroidery according to the specific wishes and requirements of the customer and the products chosen. VLI is cooperating closely with businesses that can provide the required personalization.

For a customized quotation, please contact our customer service.