Premium Production Partners since 1976

Premium = QUALITY

VLI utilizes only the best materials and raw materials in order to provide its customers with a quality product. That is to say that we as business are actively searching for the most durable fabrics and techniques for the manufacture of our products. This research is ongoing in our laboratories and design workshops. That way VLI strives to supply the best on all levels, both the product and the service. That is to say that also on the technological level we are at the cutting edge; we are always looking for a better solution for whatever problem or requirement that you may confront in your hobby, leisure time or on the shop floor. Every production unit where our clothing is manufactured is carefully supervised by our QC service (quality control teams). These staff members scour all factories to guarantee that there is optimal quality warranty and if necessary the processes are adjusted.

Production = PRODUCTION

Our production experience is our trump card and for many businesses the reason for cooperating with VLI. All our products are developed in-house and this ensures fast and efficient cooperation. That way we are able to develop complete collections customized for the customer. You as customer can assume that you are at the right place for all aspects of the subject matter. Whoever chooses VLI can therefore count on a 360° approach that does not overlook a single aspect. Over and above this our offer is extremely varied and extends over different fields; from technical outdoor clothing and promotional clothing to hobby and work-wear.

Partners = SERVICE

VLI always puts its customers first, both in manufacturing a collection and servicing our commercial contacts. This principle has made sure that we enjoy an excellent reputation in the world of professional clothing, not only for the sake of the quality and variety of our collections, but also for the outstanding service we deliver. VLI does not only provide its customers with an optimal product, but also supplements that product with an unequalled customer service. Extensive market research has shown that we have a very high score with our customers in comparison with many other businesses in our sector. When we embark on a project with a customer we regard it as a partnership and try to expand the activities together with our customer. In each case the common objectives are determined and how we can achieve this aim together.