Our business designs and produces different clothing lines for various market sectors and in addition also designs customized collections for our customers on demand. In the development of our collections we always take the requirements and wishes of our most demanding customers into account. That always enables us to produce clothing of optimal price-quality ratio, something that contributes enormously to establishing a reliable reputation.

VLI considers service of paramount importance; therefore a complete team of experts is always ready to guide and support our customers. We are always willing to listen to our customer and are glad to offer the best solutions.

VLI also takes on a pioneering role when it comes to planning and realizing new ideas and concepts that make life and work easier for our customers and people who wear our clothing. VLI's clothing must always be comfortable to wear and allow free movement. A good example of this ambition can be seen in the pair of trousers with detachable legs, a VLI invention that has in the meantime become a worldwide standard.

As a clothing specialist VLI has the experience and technical expertise to repeatedly deliver a collection of perfect quality: The fact that a VLI product meets all requirements is becoming a fact of life for everyone involved in the sector. Yet, quality is not the only thing that matters to a consumer: the fit and style of a product are also important for choosing a brand.